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Week 60 Theme

This week's theme is...

Week 60: Shy

You may use the word, synonym/antonym, imagery or combination of imagery to show this theme. Good luck!

[x] One icon submission per person.
[x] Icons must be from a shoujo series (manga/anime).
[x] Meet LJ standards (100x100 / 40K or less .jpg, .gif or .png only).
[x] Follow submission guidelines (detailed in userinfo).
[x] Live Journal userpics is not an acceptable form of image hosting.
[x] Mods reserve the right to accept or deny your submission.
[x] Remember to include your series and/or character name with your submission!

Submit icons to this screened post by Friday, January 25th, 9pm EST.
Tags: shy, submission, week 60
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